Thursday, 16 August 2012

Building a Home

When it finally comes time to design, plan and create your dream home, after saving and moving through the real estate market until you're at the point where you can afford to build your own property and settle down with the family, it can be difficult to know where to begin.
With Christchurch's property market just starting to bounce back after the 2010/2011 earthquakes, now is a fantastic time to buy. The eastern suburbs are still experiencing plenty of instability and a lot of homes around 

New Brighton, Avonside and Wainoni are red-zoned, so looking toward Burnside, Riccarton and even Saint Martins or Cashmere with the future in mind is a good idea. All of these areas have access to fantastic schooling with Burnside High and Cashmere High two of the most popular public secondary schools in the city and having historically strong market trends and a strong future ahead of them.
How many bedrooms do you need?

Do you want a patio? How big do you want the living room windows? 
Do you want French sliding doors leading out to the backyard? 
There are so many different things to think of before you even get started with construction!
Make sure you think of a few of these design features before contracting a house builder in Christchurch to start your home.
Energy Efficiency
Double insulated glass windows and high quality insulation in the roof and walls will help cut your power bill down during Christchurch's cold winter months and will help regulate temperatures inside. It's a good idea to invest in an energy star rated hot water tank as well. If you want true energy efficiency, the build phase is the perfect time to install solar panels.
A heat pump is almost a necessity in Christchurch with strict controls over home heating and open fires in place. With a properly insulated house and some careful thought on window and door placement in regards to airflow, you can save a lot of money during winter and keep the house cool during summer with just one unit.

Extra Space
More bedrooms mean more functionality as well as the potential for higher property value down the road. Build with the future in mind and consider everything from additions to the family to how much room the kids will need to study and have friends around when they get to high school. You always have to option to add on to your property later, but extensions can be expensive.
Choose the right property, take advantage of the current real estate market and build smart in Christchurch. Despite a less-than-positive initial outlook for the Garden City after the February earthquake, things are looking bright for the future.


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